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Green Eco-Friendly Countertops & Surfaces From Recycled Glass & Recycled Materials

At Paragon Surfacing we pride ourselves in promoting Eco Friendly alternatives for the environmentally conscious consumer. There are many unique products that can bring a new level of intrigue to your kitchen and bath countertops. The recycled content in the materials can create a one of a kind look for your home and allow you to feel good about the decisions you have made. Paragon Countertops in Metro Vancouver & Kelowna BC Interior, will help you with those decisions.

Of course there is more to being Green than adding a little recycled content. Follow the links below to find out where and how the products are being made, how much and what kind of recycled material is being used and what kind of environmental policies the companies are following.

ECO Countertops From Recycled Materials

There are eco-friendly surfacing materials in the market today, but no other like ECO™ by Cosentino. New, durable and environmentally friendly, ECO by Cosentino is made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials.

ECO Countertops From Recycled Materials

Staron Countertops

Staron brings together outstanding products and eco-friendly technologies to make the world better and cleaner. They put environmental management into practice by using advanced eco-friendly technologies, and share their environmental values with our stakeholders.

Staron Recycled Series

Dupont Corian Terra Countertops

The DuPont Corian Terra Collection, a growing selection of solid surfaces made by DuPont with recycled materials, has been expanded to include 33 colors, with five colors now having at least 20 percent pre-consumer, recycled resin content -- a claim that is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

Dupont Corian Recycled Content

Avonite Surfaces Recycled Countertops

Avonite was the first solid surface brand to introduce recycled solid surface products in 1996 and the first to obtain SCS Certification (40% and 16% recycled content). Their recycled products and SCS Certification is a part of their commitment to sustainable design. Recycled Avonite products are used by architects and designers in order to achieve LEED Certification and meet other green building standards.

Avonite LEED

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