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Paragon Surfacing (Paragon) has been fabricating and installing Corian© since 1989. We are proud to offer comprehensive design to all of our clients, from commercial, residential and marine application to custom jobs alike. Our excellent knowledge of solid surfaces and our team of experts make us premier fabricators in the Solid Surfacing industry.

Paragon believes that protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of its customers’ and employees’ personal information is an important part of its relationship with them.

Why Paragon Collects Personal Information

Paragon collects, and uses personal information about its customers for the purpose of services carried out through Paragon only. This includes contact information used for measuring and installing custom jobs as well as warranty purposes and service calls. Often times Visa or MasterCard numbers are utilized for payment agreements or cheques are written. These documents are locked securely away, and are kept on file only for the duration of the job. Once the files have been closed, Visa and MasterCard numbers are destroyed, and the files are kept for tax purposes in a locked and secure place.

Paragon also collects personal information about its employees for the purpose of job requirements, insurance benefits, and payroll. All evidence of insurability is done directly from employee to medical provider. Paragon does not disclose this information at any time, unless written consent from the employee states otherwise.

When Paragon provides data containing employee personal information to service providers, they are subject to confidentiality requirements.

Securing And Safeguarding Your Personal Information

Paragon protects your personal information with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Paragon’s employees and customers access personal information only when they have a business need to do so. Our employees are made aware of the proper handling of personal information pertaining to this policy. We keep personal information only as long as it is necessary for our purposes listed above.

How To Contact Us

Our privacy officer is responsible for Paragon’s compliance with the appropriate privacy laws.

Requests for further information, personal information access or complaints about Paragon’s handling of personal information should be referred to Paragon’s Privacy Officer, as follows:

Paragon Surfacing LTD

110-6720 Graybar Road, Richmond B.C. V6W 1J1


Phone: 604-278-2225  |  Fax: 604-278-2204

Privacy Policy – April 2005

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