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Commercial Silestone Quartz Countertops, Solid Surfaces, Hospitals, Malls, Airports, Schools, Offices

Silestone Certified Fabricator Installer Silestone® Quartz solid surfaces are being specified in virtually every commercial sector. Such commercial applications include healthcare, food services, lodging, retail and entertainment, corporate, public spaces, marine, RV, lodging, multi-family housing, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, schools, office buildings & hotels. Get your project started with Paragon Surfacing Countertops & Surfaces in Greater Vancouver & Kelowna BC Interior.

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Microban® Antimicrobial Protection

Microban® antimicrobial protection is infused into 100% of Silestone natural quartz countertops to help prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria. Microban protection is not designed to replace normal cleaning practices, but it does provide Silestone buyers with cleanliness protection and peace of mind that will last the lifetime of their countertops. Microban antimicrobial protection, Greenguard® certification and an NSF® listing allow Silestone to bring their customers cleaner, greener and safer countertops.

Silestone® Quartz Colours

Choose from colours inspired by nature, or set yourself free from tradition choosing from the latest in colour trends. Silestone is a sophisticated product that can reinvent itself to constantly stay "on trend" with styles to meet people's changing interests and attitudes.

Silestone® Quartz Applications

From floor to ceiling and everything in between!, Silestone solid surfaces are great for all interior vertical and horizontal applications.

Commercial Design Considerations with Silestone® Natural Quartz

Silestone quartz surfaces are composed of natural quartz minerals and therefore are susceptible to slight variations in shade and particulate distribution. The dimensions of Silestone slabs are 119" x 54" and 128" x 61" with three different slab thicknesses: 12, 20 and 30 mm. (always check for availability) The layout of your project will determine the number of seams necessary and their location. Please note that all seams will be visible.

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